Therapy Dog Workshop & Test

Start your journey as a certified Therapy Dog team.

​Sunday: June 10, 2018   1 PM to 3PM workshop, 3-4 Testing      

$​​50.00 per team

Please E-mail Rita to Register

Prerequisites - 

  • Dogs from 1 year to senior welcome as per Love on A Leash Guidelines. 
  • Dogs must have basic manners including sit, down, come, a brief stay while working on leash. Dogs must be comfortable working around other dogs and a variety of people. This class is not appropriate for dogs with fear, anxiety or reactivity issues. ​

Workshop Goals -

  • To build the skills necessary for therapy dog visitations to facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, colleges, etc. 
  • Prepare and take the evaluation/test forLOVE ON A LEASH Therapy Dogs 
  • Prepare for the visitation requirements to complete the requirements and become an official Certified Therapy Team*.                                                 (*Dogs must be at least one year of age to perform their visitations to complete their certification process.)
  • Complete the Initial Evaluation: If passed the team can start their 10 visits immediately.

Workshop Includes -

  • Training adaptability so your dog will be comfortable in new settings and with unexpected situations. 
  • Maneuvering in tight spaces, around groups of people with a variety of hats/clothing, with canes, wheelchairs etc.
  • Training to enhance skills such as sit, down, stay, settle, come and leave it.
  • Techniques to help your dog interact with a resident in an elevated bed, chair or wheel chair.
  • Skills for appropriate Interactions with the elderly, children and disabled.
  • Skills and patience for situations such as visiting with a college student sitting on the floor, a child sitting by the dogs side reading. 
  • Identify what settings/facilities are best for your team.
  • identifying stress signals in your dog.
  • Helpful tips for you while taking your dog for therapy visits.​
  • Link to Love on a Leash Guide

 Instructor - Rita Pirrotta ABCDT (Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer)

Certified as a dog trainer through Animal Behavior College, with over 10 years of experience offering training classes and private training. Rita has a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration. 30 years in Critical Care Hospitals, 7 years Director of Nursing in Nursing Homes, then Private Practice Consulting for Boarding Homes for people with Mental Retardation. This gives her an in depth understanding of working with various facilities and residents.

Rita's dogs showed great enjoyment visiting her parents when they entered a nursing home. This inspired Rita to become involved with therapy work. The Love on a Leash program reflected Rita's ideology and Rita took the steps to certify her own dogs. Rita continued on and after five years of visitations she created the Love on Leash-Kennebec Valley Chapter with fellow therapy dog owners. This group with over a dozen therapy dogs performs multiple visits each month to nursing homes,Veteran's Centers, children"s centers (for children with  special needs), colleges during final exam week, and  libraries children's reading programs. Rita is also approved to offer the Love on A Leash Therapy Dog evaluation/test. Rita's knowledge, experience, kindness and teaching skills combine to make her an outstanding therapy dog educator. 

Wellness Form

  • A wellness form is required if your puppy/dog has been in your possession for less than 3 months.

   Why we require a wellness form

  • We have instituted our policy to help avoid the spread of any illness or parasites that may not have been obvious  to your puppy/dog arriving in your home.

         Link to Wellness Form​​

Wag It Training Center Facility Rules