Sumac Grant-Johnson

Sumac began training over 40 years ago and has been teaching professionally for 20. She is the owner of Wag It Training Center in Lincolnville and the founder of the international program - Wag It Games. Sumac is a certified professional dog trainer and certified agility instructor. She is a Rally Obedience Judge, a CGC tester, therapy dog evaluator for Love on a Leash and service dog evaluator for The Foundation for Service Dog Support. Sumac has been named Maine Dog Trainer of The Year and has appeared on Disney’s “That’s My Dog” and “Fetch” on PBS. She has been invited to present at Suzanne Clothiers Trainers Workshop and been a past presenter at the Association of Professional Dog Trainers national conferences. Sumac has been a contributor to Down East Dog News and Chronicle of the Dog.She was invited to be a part of Leadership Maine for her leadership capabilities and experience in small business.

Sumac believes teaching and training should be judged by the ability of the students to understand, implement and benefit from it. That great teaching and training takes knowledge beyond the specific skills being taught. It must include the critical elements of kindness and respect for the dog and handler, a broad understanding of learning, behavior, teaching techniques, training methods, creativity, and always open mind.  

Sumac offers seminars and online training internationally offing tools to help instructors become the best instructor they can be and enhance every class they teach! She also offers classes, training seminars and camps packed full of fun and skill building activities for the average pet dog owner.

Over the years Sumac has participated in a variety of dog sports and activities including obedience, rally, agility, tricks, herding, skijoring, scent games and water skills. Today she enjoys working, playing, hiking and swimming with her two Border Collies and Golden Retriever rescue dog.

Sumac is a member of:

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Pet Professional Guild