Behavior Consults & Private Training
Our goal is to help you mold your dog into a companion that is a joy to own. Our private training is a great solution when classes do not fit your schedule or are not appropriate. We will identify underlying causes and or triggers behind behavior issues and develop a positive training plan  to enhance behavior, reduce stress, anxiety and negative behaviors

Stephani Morancie

Stephani offers in home visits two Saturdays per month.

Her private sessions focus is on helping clients with general manners, separation anxiety, fears, new puppy training and mild reactivity issues.

Pricing - Starting at 75.00 (dependent on location)

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Breanna Norris

Breanna offers private training at Wag It Training Center one Sunday per month.

Her private sessions focus on fear, reactivity and aggression issues.

Pricing - $75.00 per hour

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