Intermediate Manners Practical Skills & Fun

4 week session $100.00​​

Prerequisite-Basic Manners or approval by instructor

Manners, Practical skills & Fun

This class will include a variety of exercises and games to strengthen basic manners and practical skills for every day living. 

A great step in preparation for the AKC Canine Good Citizen  and/or Love on a Leash Therapy Dog Tests or just for a fun night out with your canine pal.

      Class Includes

  • Loose leash healing around people dogs and distractions
  • Recalls
  • Stays
  • Siting politely for greeting, petting and examination
  • ​Doorway manners
  • Leave It


  • Activities may include
  • Bowling, Dominos, Tunnels, Platforms, Ladders, Get into a box 
  • Crawling, Push ups, Spin, Retrieving, Weaving, Bow.  
  •  Turns, maneuvers, and side changes to make heeling fun! 
  • Teaching Find It by scent, Train an alert indicator, Muffin tin game


  • Familiarity with mark and reward training 
  • Dog has ability to work comfortably around other dogs​
  • This class is not appropriate for dogs that get overly excited, barky or fearful around other dogs.
  • Dogs with a history of aggression are not appropriate for classes.



This class is limited to 6 dogs


​​Families are welcome.
Children under 18 must attend with an adult

​See Weekly Class Calendar for start dates​ and times.​