Wag It Games Classes

Beginner & Intermediate

4 weeks of class $100.00

Instructor Rita Pirrotta

This class is packed full of fun and perfect for first time or repeat attendees.


Build your dogs skills and strengthen, relationship and have a blast!

Great for dogs from 4 month old puppies to senior dogs!


Examples of Included Activities

 Equipment Games - bridges, tunnels, scooters, hoops and more 

Heeling Games - Lots of fun maneuvers that make heeling fun

Scent Games - Find and search games fun for the nose

Rolling Games - Tube rolling, dominoes, yoga balls and more


      Beginning/Intermediate Wag It Games

  • Familiarity with mark and reward training 
  • Dog has ability to work comfortably around other dogs

     Advanced Wag It Games

  • Previous experience with Wag It Games
  • Dog has ability to work around other dogs​

​This class is limited to 6 dogs​​

See Weekly Class Calendar for start dates​ and to register.

     A wellness form is required if your puppy/dog has been in your possession for            less than 3 months.
     Why we require a wellness form
     We have instituted our policy to help avoid the spread of any illness or parasites        that may not have been obvious  to your puppy/dog arriving in your home.
     Link to Wellness Form