Wag It Training Center Rules

*Dogs will be on leash at all times (inside and outside). Unless designated by the instructor or in the dog park field.

*​Please be respectful of other dogs personal space needs. Do not allow dogs to greet on leash.

*Only registered dogs should be on the grounds unless prior arrangements have been made with Sumac.

*Retractable leads, choke, prong and electric collars are not allowed. (unless approved by Sumac due to extenuating circumstances)

*Harsh physical or verbal corrections are not allowed. A harsh correction will be defined as one that causes an obvious adverse reaction from the dog or offends the sensibilities of the instructor.

*Tethering - Dogs will not be left unattended or tethered to chairs, fences or other items.

*Barking - No excessive barking is allowed on the grounds. This includes dogs left in vehicles.

*Doggie waste - Please clean up after your dog inside and out. Please dispose of waste in the orange dog waste containers.

Please do not allow dogs to urinate on the building, cars, trash receptacles, equipment or fencing.

*Food/Drink – No food and drink in the ring. Only training treats are allowed in the ring.

*Safety - Any family members or guests brought to Wag It will be informed and abide by Wag It rules. There will be no sitting, climbing or playing on equipment or fencing.

*Children under 16 must be directly supervised by an adult familiar with the rules while on Wag It grounds and not be disruptive of class.

*Please do not enter the fenced fields unless they are announced available for use or you are a dog park member and registered to use the field.

Wag It reserves the right to ask any participant to leave the grounds because of dangerous, disruptive or unmanageable behavior. (Without refund)

* Wag It Training Center is a smoke free campus. Smoking is only permited inside your own vehicle