Our Dog Training Philosophy

Training with kindness, knowledge and strong understanding of canine behavior 

supports the canine human bond while advancing skills through an experience

that is enjoyable for both dog and handler. 

Our Teaching Philosophy

Teaching should be judged by the ability of the students to

understand, implement and benefit from it.

Great teaching takes knowledge beyond the specific skills being taught.

It must include a broad understanding of learning, teaching techniques, creativity,

respect for the student, motivation and an always open mind.

Our Goal

To help you reach your training goals!

Our Classes

Small class sizes offer plenty of personal attention

Families are encouraged to attend to support consistent training at home

We want to be sure our classes fit your needs

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a visit

Our Facility
Classes are offered in our 4,000 square foot facility set on 5 acres
Our building is warm in winter and cool in summer

We have a small store offering training supplies 
Rubberized flooring offers a safe work surface 
Equipment is always sturdy and in top condition
​​Yes we have a bathroom

If you have any questions click here